Aquarium, Fish and Aquatic Forum Websites

The listings here are websites which consist primarily of aquarium related forums although they may have other sections like fish databases, online aquatic

stores or other aquarium resources.

Aquaria Central - This site has a thriving forum community with many experienced aquarists. It also has links to various blogs run by members.

Keeping Fish Community - Community dedicated to fish keeping.

The Age of Aquariums Forum - Lively and active set of forums.

Modern Reef Keeping Forums - Forum dedicated to reef tanks, corals, aquascaping and tropical marine fish.

The Reef Tank Forums - Active with many good posts, deals with all sorts of marine aquarium keeping and reef creatures from anemones to zoanthids.

Aquatic Community Forums - Has sections on tropical freshwater fish as well as saltwater species.

Tropical Fish Centre - Deals with freshwater tropical fish, coldwater fish and marine life. Lots of useful information.

Tropical fish Forums - Large and thriving community dealing with all aquarium questions and topics.

Reef-Geeks -
Are you a fish, corals or invertebrate enthusiast? Do you choose skill and imagination over mainstream conformity? If so, then you're a reef geek and this site's for you.